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Innovation according to UCA

Since January 2016, the Université Côte d’Azur ComUE has administered the UCAJEDI program which was awarded an Initiative of Excellence grant by the state. As a result, the university receives several million euros per year, a third of which is devoted to providing a leverage effect for innovation resulting from the work of its research teams in conjunction with the regional ecosystem.

Innovation at UCA is regarded as the result of a process of continuous interaction between research, technology, and the market. These interactions are furthered and supported by creative men and women open to hearing different perspectives.

For this, the Université Côte d’Azur has identified several initiatives managed by different bodies:

  • Innovation projects provide support and co-financing of projects undertaken by an academic laboratory / company pair whose goal is either to transform a proof of concept or prototype into a key technology for the partner firm, or to carry out collaborative R&D projects. Thirty-four projects were proposed in 2016, 14 of which were selected and funded.
  • “Pre-maturation” projects supply co-financing for the transformation of a proof of concept into an operational prototype. Of the 14 projects submitted in 2016, 6 were chosen and funded.
  • Reference Centers are dedicated to three societal challenges and whose objectives are to establish public-private partnerships based on development and innovation, testing of technology platforms, and training programs. The Reference Centers can provide co-financing for projects in these areas. The societal challenges addressed by the Reference Centers are:

- The intelligent territory; prevention and management of risk
- Health, well-being, and aging
- The digital challenge

  • Center of Modeling, Simulation, and Interactions (MSI) offers high-level training, special topics workshops, thematic schools in connection with companies, and calls for proposals for transdisciplinary projects between firms and university partners. The MSI has advanced skills in the key fields of high-performance computing and data sciences (Big Data, learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc.)

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