Computers for blind people: mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Braille display)

Duration = 5:18 min. Level = beginner. Disability concerned = visual.

L'ordinateur des aveugles : utilisation des terminaux mobiles



Some smartphones and touch pads include access features for people with disabilities. In this video, Christian, who is visually impaired, freely accesses information and data exchange, on a laptop, a Smartphone and a touch pad thanks to speech synthesis and Braille display. 


The release of this latest video was the subject of a press conference. The videos of this event and the broadcasting on national media are viewable under section: "Press Review"



Video tutorial





Main actor and talented user of Hi-tech tools : Christian Lainé

Scenario : Christophe Bansart, Arnaud Haeringer, Christophe Rousseau

Making of - Editing : Sylvain Péroumal

Voice-over : Thierry Apparu