Scientific program

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Confirmed Plenary speakers :


Denis Bellenot (Iteipmai, Chemille, France)

Using Essential Oils in Agriculture : Crop Protection and Animal Farming.Abstract


Vicente Ferreira (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)

A Critical Revision of basic Methodologies for Solving Complex Flavor Systems. Abstract


Daniel Joulain (SCBZ Conseil, Grasse, France)

The Analysis of Essential Oils and Related Natural Products: Avoiding the Pitfalls. Abstract


Michel Schalk (Firmenich, Geneva, Switzerland)

Biotechnology for the Production of  Flavor and Fragrance Terpenoids. Abstract


Peter Tranchida (Messina University, Italy)

(Low-)flow modulation comprehensive 2D GC-MS: a limited-cost ultra high resolution approach for flavour & fragrance analysis. Abstract


Matthias Vey (IFRA, Bruxelles, Belgium)

Risk Assessment and Management of Fragrance Allergens – ways forward. Abstract