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Studying abroad within the framework of an exchange program

An inter-University agreement often enables restricted study abroad.

If your establishment has signed a cooperation agreement with the UNS, you can check with your head of IR whether study abroad in Nice is possible.

A study exchange also has the benefit of being free of tuition fees, which must only be paid in the University of origin. The exchange program allows you a real cultural immersion and educational experience for a University term or year.

As a general rule, your study period in Nice is recognised in your establishment on the basis of your grades obtained in the UNS.

In addition to bilateral agreements, there are also various European and international agreements enabling participation in University exchanges. This type of program often provides financial aid to beneficiary students.

Such restricted study abroad programs may also take place within the framework of dual-degree programs that allow students to get degrees from two, indeed several, universities at the end of their course.


Studying abroad outside the framework of an exchange program

If you are interested in studying at the UNS outside the framework of any exchange program, and if you wish to sign up to the UNS on an individual basis, the registration procedure may differ depending on the study level (Degree, Masters, Doctorate) and the discipline.

Thus, a specific DAP (Request for Prior Admission) procedure, managed by Campus France, may be relevant to you depending on your study plan and country of origin.

Above all we recommend you visit the Campus France site, which contains general information on higher education in France and the DAP procedure.

Campus France site:

It is important to contact the Cultural and University Cooperation Service of the French Embassy in your country, which will be able to help you prepare for your studies.

In respect of registration procedures and administrative formalities at the UNS, you will find all useful information on the page “ Démarches et procédures (actions and procedures)

The UNS has concluded cooperation agreements concerning student exchanges, within the framework of which study abroad may be envisaged.


Here is the list of existing exchange agreements with the UNS


- Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro (all disciplines)

- Université Fédérale de Fluminense en Droit


- Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (all disciplines)


 For any questions concerning these programs, we recommend you check with your International Relations department whether there is a cooperation agreement between the UNS and your University, and ask for information on how to participate in this type of program.

The Campus France agency allows Brazilian students to study abroad in French universities, and therefore the UNS, through the Sciences without borders program (Ciência sem Fronteiras).


If you are studying for a Degree or a Masters and are interested in studying abroad at our University, you can find all the information you need at and the Brazilian site :

This program, created in 2012 in partnership with the Campus France agency, allows Argentinean students to study abroad in French universities and therefore the UNS through the BEC-AR program “Becas de formación en el exterior en Ciencia y Tecnología” (scholarships for studying Science and Technology abroad)


If you are studying for a Degree or a Masters and are interested in studying abroad at our University, you can find all the information you need at and the Argentinean site

The aim of this program is to contribute to Argentinean scientific and technological development thanks to the foreign training of 1,000 professionals in fields of strategic importance for the sustainable development of Argentina.