O3: Odorants - Scents - Olfaction



Steering committee


Long ignored or relegated to an aesthetic afterthought, the olfactory sense is currently the subject of deep reflection. This renewed interest coincides with the explosion of scientific results of recent years, as evidenced by the recent Nobel Prize on activities focused on olfaction (Nobel Prize in Medicine 2004, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012). This theme is intrinsically highly interdisciplinary and has very strong local roots in scientific and socioeconomic terms

In 2015, this axis gave rise to a GDR accredited by the CNRS.


  •     Collaboration with the PASS cluster (industrial relations)
  •     Collaboration with the Musée International Parfumerie, Grasse (general public)
  •     FOQUAL Masters Course and topic of the DU and numerous UE
  •     Leading to an “O3” International Masters
  •     General Public communication vectors: films and books published
  •     Industrial growth, particularly around the Grasse basin

Main topics

  •     Physiology and psychology of smell
  •     Odorants as chemical communication tools
  •     Odours in culture and society
  •     Ingredients of odours and innovation
  •     Relations between smell and taste
  •     Odours and health