Otherness and globalisation


Steering committee

  • Sarah Andrieu (CTEL) ;
  • Anne Borgini (CMMC) ;
  • Joël Candau (LAPCOS) ;
  • Valérie Erlich (URMIS) ;
  • Michael Fartoukh (BCL) ;
  • Odile Gannier (CTEL) ;
  • Xavier Huetz de Lemps (CMMC) ;
  • Gilles Ivaldi (URMIS) ;
  • Véronique Magri (BCL) ;
  • Barbara Meazzi (CMMC) ;
  • Valérie Piétri (URMIS) ;
  • Swanie Potot (URMIS) ;
  • Christian Rinaudo (URMIS) ;
  • Christophe Roux (ERMES) ;
  • Laura Schuft (LAMHESS)


This interdisciplinary axis is part of the activities of axis 3 of the MSHS (Europe and its "Others"). It aims to investigate the conditions for the production, management and expression of otherness in the context of globalisation. It questions the historical relationship between, on the one hand, the socio-cultural processes that tend to make distances ineffective, contributing to the real-time internationalisation of financial markets, the emergence of global governmentality and transnational dispute types, and on the other, the persistence or the redeployment of physical and symbolic fencing, and the rise of violence in connection with what is presented and sometimes theorised as "culture shock."

Main topics

  •     Education
  •     Health
  •     International mobility
  •     Social depictions leading to otherness
  •     Social, political and scientific uses of categories of "race" and "ethnicity"
  •     The political management of otherness