In principle, M1 classes prepare for the CAPES, while M2 classes are oriented towards teaching. Since some M2 students are re-taking the CAPES, the timetables are coordinated to allow these students to attend M1 classes.
There are four types of class

   Content  Instructors  Campus  Day
 common culture1  education  ESPE instructors  Carlone  Monday
   TEFL (Gestion des obstacles)  Whyte   Carlone  Friday
   ICT  Whyte  Carlone  Friday
 research  classroom research  Whyte  Carlone  Friday
 didactics  secondary teaching programmes
 CAPES oral preparation
 ESPE and secondary educators  Liégeard  Tuesday (M1)
 disciplinary knowledge  literature, civilisation, grammar, translation  English department instructors  Carlone  Wednesday, Thursday

First year
Second year

1. The common culture (Tronc commun) classes are organised for all Humanities students together.  English MEEF students attend all these classes except the ICT course, which is taught by S. Whyte.