IBV Days 2017

IBV Retreat

Place and date of the event

Du 08.06.2017 à 08h00 au 09.06.2017 à 18h00
Saint Jean d'Angely 2

Number of participants : 300


Registration  open from April 5th, 2017 to April 20th, 2017

Further information

The iBV director and the Organizing Committee invite scientists, platforms and services to attend the first iBV Days on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th June at the Saint-Jean d'Angély Campus: all iBV members are welcome for this two-day event.

PhD students and young researchers are strongly encouraged to participate. We anticipate that the meeting will provide opportunities to exchange and discuss ideas, and to come up with new concepts.


Flyer IBVDays


These two days are intended to help you share the diversity of scientific activities, original approaches and innovative research developed in iBV projects, engage in dialogue scientific exchanges among all iBV members, to better understand each other’s work and contribution, technical platforms, research teams and administrative departments and enjoy a social evening as an opportunity to relax together and get to know iBV colleagues.


Each team will have 10 minutes to give its presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions, along with the possibility of displaying 1 to 3 posters introduced with a "flash presentation". Posters can be used for scientific and/or technological data and those of supporting services to describe their organization and their accomplishments. Talks and posters submissions will be gathered by PIs and transmitted to the organizing commitee.


Three poster prizes will be attributed by a jury

Thursday, June 8th


8h00-9h00   Welcome

9h00-9h30   Allocution  Pr Frédérique VIDAL (Présidente UNSA) 

Introduction Dr Stéphane NOSELLI (Directeur iBV)


9h30 –10h45 Five presentations

Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30 Five presentations




14h00-15h30 Five presentations

15h30-16h15 Flash Talk posters

16h15-17h30 Posters session-Coffee break Dutscher

17h30-19h00 Five presentations

Dinner and evening party


Friday, June 9th


9h00 –10h30 Flash Talk posters

10h30 - 12h00 Posters session-Coffee break Sponsored by Clinisciences

12h00-12h30 Two presentations


14h00 - 15h30 Five presentations

15h30 – 16h00 Conclusion and posters awards



Anyone not identified on a registration inscription will be denied access to event
I will attend Lunch time on Thursday, June 8th  

I will attend Diner party time on Thursday, June 8th  

I will attend Lunch time on Friday, June 9th