"Editors’ suggestion" pour un article paru dans Physical Review E

L’article "Edge effects on water droplet condensation", co-écrit par le LPMC, l’ESPCI (Paris), le MSC (Paris) et le CEA (Grenoble), a reçu un "editor’s suggestion" lors de sa publication dans Physical Review E.
"Editors’ suggestion" pour un article paru dans Physical Review E


Résumé :

In this study we investigate the effect of geometrical or thermal discontinuities on the growth of water droplets condensing on a cooled substrate. Edges, corners, and cooled and noncooled boundaries can have a strong effect on the vapor concentration profile and mass diffusion around the drops. In comparison to growth in a pattern where droplets have to compete to catch vapor, which results in a linear water concentration profile directed perpendicularly to the substrate, droplets near discontinuities can get more vapor (outer edges, corners), resulting in faster growth or less vapor (inner edges), giving lower growth. When the cooling heat flux limits growth instead of mass diffusion (substrate with low thermal conductivity, strong heat exchange with air), edge effects can be canceled. In certain cases, growth enhancement can reach nearly 500% on edges or corners.

"Edge effects on water droplet condensation", Marie-Gabrielle Medici, Anne Mongruel, Laurent Royon, and Daniel Beysens, Phys. Rev. E 90, 062403 – Published 10 December 2014.