Library & Resources

The Université Côte d'Azur offers a wide range of tools to help its members communicate, share and work together via a web portal, the ENT - Environnement Numérique de Travail.

Amongst all the services provided, all students have free access to the internet using their own laptop through Wi-Fi wherever they may be within the University. The university portal known as ENT is a great opportunity for students to have online access to a virtual office where they can find all the information and tools they need. (Web mail, Class schedules, online courses, administrative formulae, etc.).

The ENT allows students to communicate through Forums, Emails, Chats, Web Conferences, share data through Groups, Agendas, Databases, and work through Online courses, Exercises, and Self-evaluation forms.

Sesame: a unique login and password to have access to all the Campus facilities.

Students will be allowed to have access to the virtual library, download and consult magazines, official gazettes, and many books simply via internet sitting on their home sofas…

There is one Library on each of the 13 Campuses of the UNS, and students can use the University Library website for catalog searches, but also to use the vast collections of e-documentation subscribed by Université Côte d'Azur

The new Social Sciences Library on Campus Saint-Jean d'Angély is the one that keeps most of the Business and Management resources.

Nevertheless, with only one Student ID card, students have access to all Campuses and can borrow books in all libraries. In particular the Library on the Saint Jean d'Angély keeps many other references useful for business students. 

Social Sciences Library B.U. (Bibliothèque Universitaire)

Besides Saint-Jean d'Angély 3, aka "le bâtiment de l'horloge" -"The clock building"

The library allows students:

  • Access to Online resources (local or Wi-Fi connection)
  • To borrow books and documents at the local library or one of the 13 libraries of the UNS
  • To borrow books and documents from other university libraries (via the national circuit. e.g., if you need a book that is at the University in Bordeaux, it will be brought to the UNS for a certain period)
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