Payment options

An MBA yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally. Pursuing an MBA, however, is a serious commitment of time and money and this investment needs to be carefully considered by applicants. To help assess the financial obligations required to attend our programs you should first acquaint yourself with the fees. You should also start considering your financing possibilities (savings, student loans or scholarships) early enough.


The Université Nice Sophia Antipolis is a Public University. As part of the French State Central Administration System, we cannot receive any payment made in cash. All due amount must be paid in one of the following ways:

  • by French check payable to « Agent-Comptable UNS ».
    No European or foreign checks other than French can be accepted
  • by chip & pin card, debit or credit: Carte Bleue, VISA or MasterCard. No charge card accepted (American Express, Diners Club, CartaSi, etc...)
  • by wire transfer  (In this case please read carefully and follow the instructions below):

  1. Use the codes indicated on the wire transfer information form and make sure that this information appears on the wire transfer proof (Attention: Avoid online transactions, unless they provide acceptable wire transfer proofs, see samples below).  
  2. Be sure to indicate the reference "P941F+your last name and first name" and that it appears on the wire transfer proof
  3. Make sure that any additional bank fees related to the wire transfer must be paid by you (the sender), so that the exact amount is received by the university.    
  4. All payments must be paid in currency: EURO €
  5. Provide an acceptable wire transfer proof to the MBA office in Nice (by regular mail, e-mail or fax). Unacceptable wire transfer proofs will be rejected and applicant/student files will not be processed.
Attention: Acceptable wire transfer proofs (e.g. sample_1 and sample_2) are documents issued by the bank of the sender on letterhead of the bank and containing all necessary information in order to identify sender and beneficiary (such as name, IBAN and Swift Code of the beneficiary).
For your stay in Nice, no matter how long it is, we suggest you to open an account in a French bank. You will be given French checks and a Carte Bleue debit card, which will facilitate daily transactions.

Opening and closing bank accounts in France is free of charge in most cases. 

Component Fees Cost (approximately)
CVEC tax (1) 90,00
University Enrollment fees (2) 57,00
Tuition fees Please refer to your program details

(1)CVEC tax ( payable to CROUS) : Contribution Vie étudiante et de Campus : .CVEC certificate is required for enrollment. Access to sports facilities at UNS is included in the CVEC tax ( payable to CROUS). Attention : Extended learning students are note concerned. 

(2) The updated amount for 2018-2019 academic year published by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research every year in July.

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