*Two seminars per month (two-day seminars on Fridays and Saturdays), from October to June. 

(The “Space, Defence, Security Industries” SDS option is run as a Summer School in May or June.)

The research project is conducted throughout the year, under the supervision of a member of the MBA Faculty. 

20 courses (400 hours)  

Courses for the EMBA (General Track and SDS Option)
Business Communication      
Intercultural Negotiation
Economics for Managers
Business Law
International Business
Strategic Management
Organisational Behaviour
Human Resource Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Marketing Management
Digital Marketing
Project Management
Information Technology
Corporate Finance
Management Controlling


EMBA General TrackEMBA SDS Option
  • New Perspectives in Management 1
  • New Perspectives in Management 2
  • Business Game or Business Case
  • Research Project
  • Management Principles Specific to the Security, Defense and Space Industry 
  • Innovation and Technology Programs 
  • (Cyber)-Security and Safety of Assets 
  • Protection of Intellectual Property and Technological Intelligence 
  • Export Control, Procurements and Lobbying


For more informations about EMBA SDS option → see for details

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