Career enhancement

ROME Codes

M1202 Audit, accounting and finance

M1204 Management control



The careers in this sector are either as independent professions (chartered accountant, auditor) or as employees in accounting and auditing firms, in large companies’ accounting departments, in small/medium sized companies and public entities (Town Hall, government,...), in relation with the different departments and professions (humans resources, financial departments, management controllers, executive management, …). The careers vary according to the sector (commerce, industry, government services,…) and the organisation structure (subsidiary, branch office, audit firm,…). Professionals can be seconded to companies.


Types of Jobs

Chartered accountant: the DSCG is the key qualification to access the Chartered Accounting Diploma. The Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit exempts the holder from multiple DSCG exams. In addition it allows the holder to start a chartered accounting internship.

Finance and accounts auditing: The Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit aims to continually reflect a changing professional environment, within a context of greater need for transparency: it therefore has a strong focus on auditing careers whether these be statutory (Accounts Auditor after completing the Chartered Accounting Diploma) or contractual, internal or external.

Company financial department: The development of international accounting standards, the quest for greater financial security rend necessary the acquisition of specialised knowledge that is constantly changing.

Management Control: The Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit teaches the skills to build a strategic plan in order to prepare efficiently for a complex, turbulent and uncertain economic context. It provides deeper knowledge of management and execution tools.