The objective of the first year of the Master’s degree in Sports Management is to teach the students the techniques of sports management with a particular focus on the legal and management aspects. It will give the students a good grounding in the basics of Sports Management and prepare them to apply for the Master's degree - Year 2 in this domain. 

The Masters' degree - Year 1 in Sports Management aims to provide professional experience during a 4-month internship and via the creation and execution of projects in the sporting domain.


  • Learn the basics in order to be able to occupy a management position
  • Understand the basics of strategy
  • Know how to create and execute a project
  • Possess solid knowledge of the sports business
  • Know how to apply management tools
  • Understand the legal aspects of sports activities
  • Master the English language


  • Classes take place in the morning from Monday to Friday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)