The Organisational Communication speciality welcomes students from general studies who wish to acquire a professional qualification in organisational communication. The course is focused on organisational and managerial problems, which allows the communication to be focused on strategic and global aspects. The objectives of the course are to understand the actors, the fields and the problems of organisational communication; to master the communication tools, methodologies and assets; to envisage the different missions of the communication function in order to develop multi-purpose skills in this domain; to acquire a professional experience thanks to an internship of a minimum of 4 months. 


  • Master communication and public relations techniques
  • Master oral and written expression techniques, construct a communication pitch
  • Plan actions and execute them in a context of tough time constraints
  • Have knowledge of communication assets, their application domains, their effectiveness as well as the media and press environment
  • Relate one’s action to the organisation’s general communication policy
  • Have a basic knowledge of the complimentary techniques linked to communication
  • Have a basic knowledge of law
  • Coordinate the collective actions of partners from diverse horizons and cultures as part of a project
  • Understand the managerial aspects of team work


  • Courses take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)