The objectives of the Master's degree in Marketing - Year 2 - is to form students for all the marketing professions like Product Manager, Commercial Strategy Manager, Marketing Director, Market Researcher, Community Manager, Digital Consultant, Marketeer.

In order to follow a market and its trends, the Master's degree in Marketing - Year 2 forms students on the tools required to analyse consumer needs, to develop, commercialise and promote new products, emphasising the importance of digital means.


  • Define and participate in a product development strategy
  • Elaborate a marketing plan and control it’s execution, carry out a follow-up of the marketing budget for the all the products of an enterprise
  • Design and implement a product promotional campaign and carry out an analysis of marketing actions in order to propose improvement actions
  • Use communication and information technologies in order to manage one’s digital communications and E-reputation
  • Carry out marketing studies; interact with different departments within an enterprise


  • Courses take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)