Master's degree - Year 2 - Business Leadership

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This Master's degree in Business Leadership course delivers a diploma known and recognised by business schools and professionals who acknowledge its quality and attractiveness on the job market.

The objective of the Master's degree in Business Leadership is to train managers and leaders capable of reconciling specialised knowledge with more general management and operational skills.

This diploma teaches company management methods and techniques.

 The originality of the Master's degree in Business Leadership is that it targets students who have already completed their further education of 4 to 5 years (engineers, scientists, law students, medical and paramedical students, sociologists, psychologists, architects, literature students…)

The course also addresses active managers or managers looking for a job through continuous education and who are looking to give a new orientation for their career or who are looking for a new evolution in their company.


The course is focused on a double competency.

The Master's degree in Business Leadership proposes

  • Learning the methods and techniques of company management
  • Elaboration of diagnoses and strategic choices at the national, international and world-wide level
  • Learning the principle financial techniques and management tools
  • The development of management skills, marketing knowledge, law, GRH..


The Master's degree in Business Leadership exists as :

  • Day school (Nice) from September à September (12 months)
  • Evening classes in Nice from September to December (15 months)
  • Evening classes in Sophia Antipolis from January to December (12 months)
  • E-learning (24 months)

Conditions and admission requirements

Candidates are accepted based on their application according to the following 3 cumulative criteria :

  • Hold a University degree level Master's degree Year 1 or equivalent
  • Academic Merit
  • Career Objectives

Candidates that are pre-selected based on their application file will be invited to an interview.

For continuous education, recruitment is carried out based on an application file taking into account: relevant university education, professional experience, coherence of career objectives and eventually an interview. A jury of professor/researchers and professionals validate the professional experience (VAP decree 1985) of the candidates and select those candidates eligible to start the course.

Candidates for continuous education (following a 2-year interruption of further education, in salaried employment, on educational leave…...) should contact ASURE Formation for further information concerning VAE/VAP (validation of professional skill) and relevant documents.


The fees are composed of:

  • National fees set by the French Ministry of Education. All students must pay these national fees. The exact amount is published by the Ministry in mid-July.
  • Social Security contribution must be paid by French and foreign nationalities (excluding EU) who are aged less than 28 on 1st October. The following are exonerated: students from EU countries who are covered in their country of origin, family members of SNCF employees, students working at least 96 hours per month, and all students aged 28 years and older on 1st October.
  • Sport and Culture Fee. This fee is voluntary (amount: 30 €). It gives the holder access to the University sports facilities and the right to reductions on cultural activities.
  • Specific Fees. The fees depend on your regime. Please consult the IAE site for information on regime-specific fees. For details on fees use the following link

UE 1 - Stratégie et Marketing   
Dynamique des organisations GM2DE12 1 2 20h -
Stratégie GM2DE13 2 3 20h -
Fondamentaux du marketing GM2DE21 1 3 20h  -
Specialized marketing GM2DE22 1 2 10h 10h
UE 2 - Environnement économique , juridique et financier
Environnement et enjeux GM2DE11 1 2 20h -
Comptabilité GM2DE31 1 2 20h -
Contrôle de gestion GM2DE32 1 2 10h 10h
Analyse financière et financement GM2DE33 1 2 20h -
Droit des affaires et fiscalité GM2DE41 2 4 20h 10h
Droit du travail GM2DE42 1 2 20h -
UE 3 - Management des Ressources Humaines & communication
Communication et négociation GM2DE23 1 2 10h 10h
Gestion des ressources humaines GM2DE51 1 2 20h  
Animation et direction d'équipes GM2DE52 1 2 10h 10h
TOTAL SEMESTRE 3 - 15 30 220h 50h
UE 4 - Outils de gestion
Management de projets GM2DE61 1 2 20h -
Informatique Recherche d'Infos GM2DE62 1 2 - 20h
Système d'information GM2DE63 1 2 20h -
Business English GM2DE72 1 2 - 20h
UE 5 - Pilotage de l'organisation
Logistique et processus GM2DE64 1 2 20h -
Entrepreneuriat et innovation GM2DE65 1 2 20h -
Simulation de Gestion GM2DE71 1 2 - 20h
Séminaires GM2DE73 2 2 20h -
UE 6 - Relations professionnelles et méthodologie
Stage d'une durée de 16 à 24 semaines GM2DE81 6 14 - 60h
TOTAL SEMESTRE 4 - 15 30 100h 120h
TOTAL MASTER 2 - 30 60 320h 170h

ROME Codes

  • M1205 – Administration and financial management
  • M1301 – Management of large enterprises or public institutions
  • M1302 – Management of small and medium-sized companies
  • 310 (Spécialités plurivalentes des échanges et de la gestion),
  • M1402 Consulting - Organisation and Company Management
  • 32131 (Organisation), 331 (Health), Multivalent specialities personal services (330)....


  • Large enterprise, ETI,  small and medium sized companies, Local/regional government, public institutions,…

Types of Jobs

  • Managing Director of small-to-medium sized company/institution, High-level manager in a private company or public body
  • Administration and financial management
  • Manager of social and educational establishments
  • Management controller in charge of analysis and development