The course called Master's degree in Management and Business Administration (MAE) formerly Master's degree specialised in Business Administration at the IAE is a fully-fedged Master's Degree training course which includes several "dual skill" courses. This MAE course is intended for students who don't study management (engineers, scientists, legal experts, economists, students who graduated from medicine and paramedic, sociologists and psychologists, architects, people who studied literature...) who already completed a 1st year or 2nd year of Master's degree training course.

The objectives of this MAE in Business Administration dual skill course: in a scientific point of view, graduate students are trained to the different managerial approaches and must show their ability to analyse management situations. At a professional level, students are able to apply the acquired knowledge in all fields of management sciences to the field of their initial training course. The acquisition of this dual skill facilitates their occupational integration and their ascent within their company's hierarchy. Thus, this course is aimed at students in continuing education, working or unemployed executives willing to give new impetus to their career or to give themselves new evolution opportunities within their company. 


Acquired skills can be technical, managerial, entrepreneurial, digital or even relational skills. They are diverse:

  • To draw up diagnoses and strategic choices in a national, international and global perspective;
  • To learn about the main financial techniques and financial management tools;
  • To identify the possible internationalisation policies for companies and analyse market conditions, to negotiate contracts, to manage a multicultural team;
  • To define and implement marketing strategies, product and brand policies by analysing a market and by selecting a strategy;
  • To assess and manage projects;
  • To provide students with the necessary knowledge and methods to implement different managerial and entrepreneurial practices...
  • To analyse and implement a communication strategy, a strategy of running of a communication act...

This MAE course is part of a professionalisation objective which materialises in internships which are real formative professional role-playings.

Organisation of the training course

  • Capacity: 15 students
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Selection rate: 21%
  • Success rate: 77.4%

The training course consists in many lessons given by using a reversed and innovative teaching method based on the carrying out of projects, the use of case studies or even of role plays.

The MAE also exists in:

  • Day course (12 months)
  • Evening class in Sophia Antipolis from January until December
  • In e-learning (24 months)
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