The course called Master's Degree in Management and Business Administration (MAE) formerly Master's Degree specialised in Business Administration at the IAE is a fully-fedged Master's Degree training course which includes several "dual skill" courses.

This MAE course is intended for students who have not studied management (engineers, scientists, legal experts, economists, students who graduated from medicine and paramedic, sociologists and psychologists, architects, people who studied literature...) who already completed a 1st year or 2nd year of Master's Degree training course.

The objectives:

In a scientific point of view, graduate students are trained to the different managerial approaches and must show their ability to analyse management situations.

At a professional level, students are able to apply the academic knowledge they acquired in all fields of management sciences to the subject of their initial training course.The acquisition of this dual skill facilitates their occupational integration and their ascent within their company's hierarchy.The MAE course- Supervision of Healthcare and Social Care Institutions - Management of EHPAD (DEHPAD)- specialised in Toxycology and Safety in Healthcare and the Environment is delivered in partnership with Polytech in order to enable students specialised in toxycology and health risks to gain a dual skill.

Thus, students or graduate engineers, will be able to complete their knowledge in toxycology (healthcare, the environment and risks caused by chemicals) by learning the methods and techniques of business management, the main financial techniques and management tools, the contexts related to personal care for dependent people, people in loss of independence, in development or in rehabilitation,...

The advantages of the training course

Students attend the course units offered in the MBA2E2S Dehpad Master's Degree training course in e-learning. Thus, they can have access to the lessons at all time without any timetable restriction. This way of learning enables them to attend two training courses at the same time or, for graduate engineers who are already in activity, to attend the training course while working.

Organisation of the training course

  • Capacity: 15 students
  • Compulsory internship: from 4 to 6 months
  • Rhythm: e-learning