This Inheritance Management course aims at training students who are able to meet efficiently the needs of European and international private banks. It is based on a theoretical and practical approach (a comprehension of financial tools, ..) and provides students with the necessary skills to elaborate a reliable strategic financial analysis. Thus, this Master's Degree trains future experts able to understand the stakes and to analyse the risks and opportunities in the complex environment and the international context of private banking.

The advantage of the training course 

Originally, this training course was created at the request of the FNEGE in order to train bank employees who will work all around the world. It therefore meets the identified needs of the sector and the quality standards of the FNEGE.


  • To manage portfolios of financial assets
  • To assess the risks of financial loss, the margin in relation to the product's price and to the investment duration
  • To suggest an investment strategy, purchase orientations and to venture purchase/sale orders.
  • To guarantee international trade deals (solvency, payment terms, etc.) or to implement their financing (liquid assets, exchange rate, etc.)

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: 
    • First semester: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Second semester: Thursday, Friday
  • Compulsory internship (from 4 to 6 months) 
  • Capacity: 
    • Year 1: 15 students
    • Year 2: 20 students


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