This course called property management aims at training wealth managers and specialists ofproperty engineering,capable of being operational within all financial institutions (such as private banks, financial societies...) or to become property management advisors. Its purpose is to provide students with essential knowledge (banking and financial tools, property law, banking and financial law...) enabling them to practise these professions. Only a perfect command of all these mechanisms both academically and operationally allows to practise these professions at a very high level

The advantages of the training course

Compétence Juridique Appropriée (CJA)
The International Property Management course with the "Front Office" optionconfers to its holder the authorisation envisaged by the article 54-I from the act of 31st Decembre 1974 usually called “Compétence Jurique Appropriée” (CJA), in conformity with the 2nd paragraph of article 1, from the decree promulgated by the Lord Chancellor and Justice Minister dated 19th December 2000. The CJA grants the right to give legal consultations or to write down private agreement acts as part of the assignments that come under their main activity.


This Master's degree provide students with skills which they need to be able to:

  • Analyse a customer's financial situation; 

  • Assess the structure of his/her heritage 
(life insurance, transferable security, ...) ; 

  • Define with the customer his/her objectives (savings, tax exemption, ...) according to his/her needs (type of 
marriage contract, inheritance, ...) ; 

  • To establish a patrimonial study;
  • Offer the appropriate legal and tax frameworks and products 
(life insurance, stock portfolio ...) ;
  • Determine a financial strategy (buying shares
life insurance, real estate ...) ;
  • Help if needed the customer to choose a lawyer, a solicitor 
or a portfolio manager. 

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: 
    • First semester: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Second semester: Thursday, Friday
  • Compulsory internship from 4 to 6 months
  • Capacity: 
    • Year 1: 25 students
    • Year 2: 30 students


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