This Management course reunites Management, Arts and Culture. Its main objective is to be a training course in the management basics as well as in Art and Culture at a very high level. It is a unique training course in which the lessons are prepared in close collaboration with professional artists as a vast majority of the lessons take place at the heart of Vence "the City of Arts".

The advantages of the training course

This course, which is aimed at students who are passionate about art and culture, allows them to develop a dual skill:

  • learning cultural business management methods and techniques 
  • acquiring essential managerial abilities to practise professions such as responsible for cultural heritage or even chief marketing officer in an art gallery.

The putting into practise of lessons is a key element as the students' career objective is to organise an exhibition-contest on the theme of "art and leadership".

Another great asset of this course is the fact that students come from many different countries and therefore, this course is really multicultural.


  • To coordinate a staff's activity or to manage a structure 
  • To handle a budget
  • To organise cultural events
  • To define a museography project (event, exhibition, acquisition ...) and design measures aiming at introducing and promoting the heritage and collections
  • To organise and control the transports of artworks whether they are conform in an administrative point of view and to the contract or not
  • To draw up a list of the heritage, the collections and to control the movements of the artworks (inventory, comings and goings ...) but also to search for and acquire new artworks, pieces, collector's items (purchase, gift, legacy, loan ...) 
  • To control the state of conservation of the elements of the heritage, the collections and to determine measures of restoration, reconstitution 
  • To follow and update the cultural, regulatory and professional information
  • To develop and promote regional tourism, in particular by enhancing the cultural and artistic heritage of the region.

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: 
    • First semester: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    • Second semester: Monday, Tuesday
  • Compulsory internship from 4 to 6 months 
  • Capacity: 
    • Year 1: 15 students
    • Year 2: 20 students


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