The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) degree is a research doctorate that focuses on business practices and is deeply rooted in professional applied practice. It’s a 3years program

A DBA is a gold card to executive positions across a wide spectrum of global business fields.

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Who is the DBA for?

Outstanding Managers, Professionals with successful careers and Senior executives; looking to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in their area of expertise and transmission of experience.

With this very high level diploma, IAE Nice seeks to impact the management profession by offering high-quality learning to senior executives from around the world. Our programs are designed and delivered by researchers and practitioners with close ties to the international business community.

A hallmark of DBA Nice is the dedication to the individual development of each participant in our programs. We support them to conceptualize their knowledge and acquired experience in the form of professional PhD.

We do this by fostering a culture of learning, and by placing the professional and personal development of all students and program participants at the center of our concerns.

Why Choose the Executive DBA?

The DBA is designed to fit the demanding lifestyle of executives and professionals

If you are looking to boost your career, then the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is the program for you.

The DBA experience challenges you to sharpen your critical and analytical expertise. You will develop your research skills to become an expert in your field with a proven ability to think outside of the box.