Two- to three-day seminars on (Thursdays,) Fridays and Saturdays concentrated over a few weeks during Spring.

Additional, optional seminars and visits to industrial sites will be organized during that period.

5 courses (80 hours)

  • Management Principles Specific to the Security, Defense and Space Industries
  • Innovation and Technology Programs 
  • (Cyber)-Security and Safety of Assets
  • Protection of Intellectual Property and Technological Intelligence 
  • Export Control, Procurements and Lobbying 

during which the instructors will address the following topics: 

  • Specificities of the industrial fabrics in the security, defense and space sectors
  • Economy of sectors key to national sovereignty (security, defense and space) in France, in Europe, and world-wide
  • Management principles specific to these sectors
  • Case studies
  • The EU institutional context for the security, defense, and space industries
  • Innovation mechanisms and cooperative, international R&D in the security, defense, and space industries in Europe and world-wide
  • Management of technology programs
  • Cyber-security and management
  • Combined cyber-security and physical protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Management of classified information
  • Disaster and risk management in a company in sectors key to national sovereignty
  • Economic and technological intelligence in sectors key to national sovereignty
  • Intellectual property management
  • Management of foreign investments (State control, “Chinese” walls, etc.)
  • Trade of security, defense, and space goods and services, offsets, dual use products
  • Export control mechanisms and rules
  • International procurements
  • Lobbying in the EU (and in other countries)