“While working in the fields of Engineering and Business Management for 30 years, I decided to explore the career path of Teaching and Consultancy. I approached the IAE in Nice for the accreditation of the DBA program and the professionalism of the faculty professors.

I had the opportunity to explore a research topic that allowed me to study in depth its theoretical framework and the challenges of applying the results in the real world.

I recommend this program to anyone willing to increase the depth of their knowledge while earning an academic recognition”.

Roland ASAKER de Dubai (DBA Maroc 2013)


Hello Mounir,

Tell us why you decided to commit in a DBA program at the IAE of Nice?

My program of DBA was in the continuity of my professional project. Indeed after 10 years of work experience international where I had the opportunity to realize several large-scale projects in the telecommunications sector in Europe I have create my consulting firm specialized in the support and the training - action in Business and Management in Europe and Africa.

The program of DBA allowed me to interpret the managerial problems of my customers according to various theoretical currents in particular those of the strategic Management.

High level program and teaching staff. The supervision for my professional thesis was also of a big utility "


Hello Rafik,

What was the contribution of the DBA IAE Nice in your professional life?             

My DBA in the IAE of Nice, brought to me credibility and care at every level public and private.

1-     I am accredited as Algerian expert by the ministry of the tourism at the level of a reflection on the statistics of the tourism, including the countries of the Maghreb and the western countries of Africa

2-     I am requested by the Graduate School of Management in Algeria (ENSM) for the implementation of a Master's degree in management of the tourism, the creation of a research laboratory

Thus this DBA is a great diploma which gives an academic pledge to all top managers to sit their activities in the field of the management and higher education. I highly recommend this diploma.


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