Bachelor's Degree in Management Science

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The principle objective of the Bachelor's degree in Management Science is to prepare the students to pursue a Master's degree at the IAE Nice or at another establishment.

The Bachelor's degree in Management Science brings students from non-management disciplines up to the necessary level. The program consists of courses that cover the principle management disciplines: management, law, economics, finance, IT systems, accounting, management accounting; and complimentary courses: business English, professional relations…

The strong professional character of the IAE Nice educational programme (Bachelor's + Master's degrees) requires a 3-month company internship. In parallel, an emphasis is put on acquiring behavioural skills for project management and teamwork.


  • Working in an IT environment
  • Organising and planning one’s activities
  • Understanding the legal and social-economic context
  • Adapting to a new context base on theoretical knowledge
  • Analysing and solving simple management problems (accounting, finance, marketing, control)
  • Communicating in English


  • Classes take place from Monday to Friday
  • Internship required (between 3 and 6 months)



Conditions and admission requirements

Candidates for the initial course are accepted based on their application according to the following 3 cumulative criteria:

  • Necessary Pre-conditions to Apply:
    • Hold a University Degree Level License 2 or equivalent (DUT, BTS, CPGE….) ;
    • Management aptitude test: Score SIM ( or GMAT ou GRE ou SAT ou TAGE MAGE
  • Academic Merit
  • Career Objectives

Following examination of the candidate’s application, an interview will determine his suitability according to the pre-conditions, his motivation and his professional project.


The fees are composed of:

  • National fees set by the French Ministry of Education. All students must pay these national fees. The exact amount is published by the Ministry in mid-July.
  • Social Security contribution must be paid by French and foreign nationalities (excluding EU) who are aged less than 28 on 1st October. The following are exonerated: students from EU countries who are covered in their country of origin, family members of SNCF employees, students working at least 96 hours per month, and all students aged 28 years and older on 1st October.
  • Sport and Culture Fee. This fee is voluntary (amount: 30 €). It gives the holder access to the University sports facilities and the right to reductions on cultural activities.
  • Specific Fees. The fees depend on your regime. Please consult the IAE site for information on regime-specific fees. For details on fees use the following link

Formation continue 

Candidates for continuous education (following a 2-year interruption of further education, in employment, on educational leave...) should contact UNICE PRO for further information concerning VAE/VAP (validation of professional skill) and relevant documents.

UE 1 - Connaissances fondamentales
Culture managériale GLSG511 4 4 40h -
Droit de l'entreprise GLSG512 2 2 10h 10h
Stratégie GLSG513 2 2 10h 10h
UE 2 - Outils du management   
Techniques Quantitatives de gestion GLSG521 2 2 10h 10h
Outils informatiques GLSG522 2 2 - 20h
Business English GLSG523 2 2 - 20h
Gestion des ressources humaines GLSG524 2 2 10h 10h
UE 3 - Spécialisation   
Politique juridique et fiscale GLSG531 6 6 20h 20h
Comptabilité financière GLSG532 4 4 10h 10h
Contrôle de gestion GLSG533 4 4 10h 10h
TOTAL SEMESTRE 5     30 120h 120h


UE 4 - Finance et Contrôle   
Finance GLSG641 4 4 20h 20h
Gestion budgétaire GLSG642 3 3 10h 10h
Analyse financière GLSG643 3 3 10h 10h
UE 5 - Management   
Marketing GLSG651 3 3 20h -
Management opérationnel GLSG652 2 2 15h 15h
Simulation d'entreprise GLSG653 2 2 - 30h
Système d'information GLSG654 3 3 10h 10h
UE 6 - Relations professionnelles   
Relations professionnelles et stage GLSG661 6 6 - 40h
Méthodologie de la communication écrite et orale GLSG662 2 2 - 20h
Business English GLSG663 2 2 - 20h
TOTAL SEMESTRE 6     30 85h 175h
TOTAL LICENCE 3     60 205h 295h


M1705 Marketing

C1203 Commercial / Specialised banking/finance commerce.


Banks, industrial or service companies

Accessible jobs

Accounting, chartered accounting assistant, administration and financial services, marketing

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