File transfer

Students who change university must complete a transfer procedure.

The request must be made to the 2 concerned Universities : it is important to request « a departure » from the original University and to request agreement of the welcoming University.

Attention: not all Universities have the same procedures or application forms. You must therefore contact each establishment to obtain the « departure » and « welcome » modalities. Transferring of files can only occur between French Universities.

Your enrolment in the welcoming University is subject to obtaining the agreement of the original University. No student card will be delivered without this agreement.

« WELCOME » Transfer

IF you have received the agreement to enrol at the IAE, and you were previously a student in another French University, you must request the previous University to transfer your file to the IAE. This process is mandatory even if your previous enrolment dates from several years ago.

You administrative enrolment in the IAE can only happen when a certificate has been received from the previous University certifying that you have requested a transfer.

Once your enrolment has been recorded by the IAE, it is the student’s responsibility to inform his previous University so that it can finalise the transfer. You should send either a photocopy of your new student card or a copy of the « arrival » form available from the IAE administrative office on which your depend.


If you leave Nice IAE to join another French University, you must:

  • Download and complete the « Departure Transfer » form.
  • Attach to the form a library “quitus” (document obtained from the University library). Without this “quitus », our administrative services will not be able to transfer your file.
  • Get the form approved/signed by the IAE
  • Send to your new University for information.

Attention : the transfer is not automatic. It is subject to the approval of the welcoming University. You must therefore provide to us as soon as possible the proof of enrolment at the new University (education certificate or photocopy of student card). We will then proceed with the final transfer of your file.

Important : only the welcoming University is able to explain the process to follow for enrolment in their establishment. 

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