Admission requirements

  • Graduate degree IN BUSINESS: your degree must last a minimum of 4 years and grant a minimum of 240 ECTS credits, or 120 US credits, or equivalent.
  • English proficiency: one of the following
                        - TOEIC > 800
                        - TOEFL iBT > 81
                        - TOEFL CBT > 217
                        - TOEFL PBT > 553
                        - IELTS > 6.5
  • Good academic record and professional experience
  • Interview before the Admissions Committee


The French Republic is known throughout the world for making high investments in public education and dedicating a consistent part of the State budget to instruction.

Should you be accepted into the program, you would automatically benefit from a State subsidiary disbursed by the French Ministry of National Education to the School.

No need to apply for this, the tuition fees you are charged would be consequently reduced.

Following the well-known French principle of "égalité", resident, non-resident and international students are granted the same amount and charged the same tuition fees.

Other scholarships you may be eligible for can be cumulated (European Union, CROUS, PRAME, MESR, CampusFrance, etc.)

Cost of the program (1) 11,630 €
Participation of the French State - 3,630 €
Tuition you are charged 8,000 €


(1) Source: "MEN-MESR-DEPP - Compte de l'éducation"


Included Estimated expenses (in Nice)
Tuition and registration for all courses Books and materials 700 € / year                      
Access to library and IT Commute 30 € / month
Wi-fi on-campus access    Accommodation 550 € / month
Meals 300 € / month
Miscellaneous 250 € / month