DBA in Shanghai

IAE NICE Graduate School of Management offers a Doctorate in Business Administration curriculum in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The DBA degree is a three-year program, entirely taught in English. The degree is awarded by the University of Nice.

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Flexible distance mode to meet the development needs of busy working executives located off-shore.
Flexible and workplace-based continuous assessment which includes individual or group work, practicum project reports and final thesis

Mode of Study

First year: Research Fundamentals and Techniques
During the first year, students are taught fundamentals of research in management.
Research being very specific in some of the inner categories of management, seminars and conferences on specific themes are planned throughout the year, supported by research presentation workshops.

Second & Third year: Completion of the Thesis
During the two following years the students will be guided in the elaboration of their thesis through Academic Supervisions, workshops and presentation seminars.

Conferences and Seminars
Apart from intensive seminars and workshops mentioned above, participants will further be offered the opportunity of attending various kinds of conferences and seminars held by renowned associations like the Executive DBA Council (EDBAC).

Library Supports
Students will have access to online materials available at the libraries of UNS and SJTU.


The assessment for the DBA will consist of case analysis and analysis of issues related to business or management through a combination of continued individual and group work provided at regular intervals by the instructor throughout the course.  DBA students will submit and defend a thesis, comprising 35,000 to 40,000 words.

Thesis Supervision

Thesis Supervision of the DBA will be the responsibility of the joint faculty of UNS and SJTU. In order to ensure that the thesis meets the quality standards of the University, close guidance will be given by the supervisor of each student through meetings, Internet and other means of communication. The supervisor will also give the student the consent to attend the Thesis viva only when he/she is completely satisfied with the thesis. Upon passing the Thesis Viva, the student will be conferred the respective degree by UNS.


Students who have successfully completed all the requirements of the programs (i.e. the prescribed coursework and thesis) will be conferred the respective degree by UNS. Each year, UNS holds a graduation ceremony in Nice, the second Saturday of December. All offshore programs graduates are invited to attend the ceremony with home programs graduates and to receive the same degree awards.


Opening Time: October 2012

Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
From October 2012 to September 2013
One class session in weekend every month, any adjustment please refer to the notice.
Each course taught by UNS visiting Faculty will be delivered through intensive seminar-based instruction, in one week.
Teaching place: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1954, Huashan Road, Shanghai

Education at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis 
One class session every year on Université Nice Sophia Antipolis premises. The class session will last for 2-3 weeks


All payments to CPMC Group / Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Program Content

The curriculum of the DBA program is based on the successful completion of required doctoral seminars in management and research, followed by a research project and thesis completed throughout the three years of studies.
Courses are delivered as follows:


1st year:

Subject Faculty Location Hours
U.E. 1 : Research Fundamentals
Research methodology UNS Shanghai 20
Qualitative methods UNS Shanghai 20
Quantitative methods UNS Shanghai 20
U.E. 2 : Seminars and conferences
Organizations theory SJTU Shanghai 10
Cross-cultural management UNS Shanghai 10
U.E. 3 : Specialised methodology seminars
Marketing management UNS Shanghai 10
Finance UNS Shanghai 10
Financial and management accounting UNS Shanghai 10
Strategic management UNS Shanghai 10
U.E. 4 : Research workshops SJTU Shanghai 20
UNS Shanghai 10


2nd year:

Subject Faculty Location Hours
U.E. 1 : Specialised methodology seminars
Information systems management UNS Nice 10
Supply chain management UNS Nice 10
U.E. 4 : Research workshops UNS Nice 20


3rd year:

Subject Faculty Location Hours
U.E. 1 : Specialised methodology seminars
Behaviour and human resources UNS Nice 20
U.E. 2 : Research workshops UNS Nice 20
U.E. 3 : THESIS Vivas UNS Nice



Phases of the admission process:

  1. Application
  2. File review by the UNS Admissions Committee
  3. Eligibility results
  4. Interview before the UNS Admissions Committee
  5. Admission final results

Admission Requirements

In order to qualify for admission to the DBA program applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • MBA or equivalent qualification from a recognized higher education institution
  • A Master’s degree in management or related discipline with a minimum of two years professional work experience
  • A Master’s degree in a field other than management or related discipline but with a minimum of 5 years professional work experience.
  • Those without the above qualifications but with a bachelor degree from a recognized higher education institution and a minimum of 8 years professional work experience may be considered for admission after completion of MBA program.

All applicants are required to show proof of excellent English proficiency, assessed by the Admissions Committee through application materials review and individual interview.


All applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis. Eligible applicants will be notified and invited to sit an interview before the Admissions Committee.

Results upon every admission phase will be communicated to applicants exclusively by SJTU.