Master International Trade with RFTA, Moscow

IAE Nice and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA) in Moscow collaborate in order to offer a double Master International Trade program.

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The Management and international trade course meets new demands in terms of skills and professions directly related to "the globalisation of markets". Moreover, companies are increasingly willing to recruit interns or people in professional training contract/ or in contract of apprenticeship in this field.

The scientific objectives are more specifically focused on problems of cross culturality of international standardisation of accounting, of corporate social responsibility and on all particularly delicate international issues. Finally, issues of internationalisation of SMBs or even of "born global" companies are the main scientific objectives.

Within this category, the International Trade course aims at training managers who have a global approach of the organisation for them to apply their knowledge in a practical, adapted and progressive way.

The advantages of the training course

This course brings students an important skill in the international trade sector as well as in the cross-cultural management sector thanks to lessons given by professionals working in the export sector (in partnership with the French advisors in foreign trade) and by university lecturers and researchers.

70% of lessons are in English and a second language is required.

As it is ranked each year among the best international trade training courses in France by the Moniteur du Commerce International (MOCI) trade magazine, this course takes advantage of its nice renown in this sector


  • To set up strategies of international trade and establishment abroad
  • To develop an expertise in opening international markets: market research and development 
  • To know the techniques of international logistics
  • To master the techniques of international trade talks
  • To know the purchaser's profession 

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 4 months of compulsory internship in 1styear and 6 months in 2ndyear (abroad)
  • Capacity: 
    • Year 1: 20 students
    • Year 2: 25 students