"Structural Change, Growth and Economic Policy" - Workshop in honor of Jean-Luc Gaffard

8-9 June 2017
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Structural Change, Growth and Economic Policy
Workshop in honor of Jean-Luc Gaffard

June 8-9 2017, GREDEG, Sophia-Antipolis, France


On June 8-9, 2017, Science Po - OFCE, SKEMA Business School and UNS-GREDEG organize a workshop honoring the work of Jean-Luc Gaffard. The workshop will be organized around the topics on which Jean-Luc worked during his career. These include the role played by irreversibilities and uncertainty in either macro- or micro-economics, the effect of technical progress on employment, the paradox of productivity, the role of rigidities in innovation. More recently, his work focuses on the forms of industrial management and industrial organization that are the driving force behind innovative choices. Jean-Luc has also contributed to the public debate on European policy making. In a series of roundtables, current and former colleagues, students, and friends, will debate on the following issues:


1) Where is Macroeconomics heading, after the crisis?

2) Anatomy of the European Disorder: The Deep Roots of a Crisis

3) Teaching of Economics after the Crisis

4) Policies for Sustainable Growth: Distribution, Environment, Stability

5) Structural Change: Innovation, Growth, and Market Structure


Preliminary list of participants.

Mario Amendola, Bernard Ancori, Richard Arena, Alain Asquin, Zakaria Babutsidze, Sylvain Barde, Bernard Belloc, Flora Bellone, Sergio Bruno, Marie-Françoise Calmette, Jean Clam, Patrick Cohendet, Alain D'Iribarne, Ludovic Dibiaggio, Pierre Dockès, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira, Giovanni Dosi, Philippe Dulbecco, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Alice Guilhon, Bernard Guilhon, Michel Glais, Henri Guaino, Sarah Guillou, Augusto Hasman, Maurizio Iacopetta, Alan Kirman, Gilles Lambert, Axel Leijonhufvud, Patrick Llerena, Marcello Messori, Stan Metcalfe, Michel Mougeot, Patrick Musso, Mauro Napoletano, Eric Nasica, Lionel Nesta, Patrick Philip, Jean-Paul Pollin, Lionello Punzo, Michel Quere, Xavier Ragot, Alban Richard, Francisco Sole Parellada, Francesco Saraceno, Evens Salies, Pier Paolo Saviotti, Stefano Schiavo, David Soskice, Daniel Vitry, Francesco Vona, Philippe Weil, Ulrich Witt, Paul Zagamé.


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