LEEM Seminar - Nobuyuki Hanaki (UCA,GREDEG)

"Effects of the digitization of communication on collaboration and competition (DIGICOM)"
Quand ? Le 26-09-2018,
de 12:30 à 13:30
Où ? Salle SCI - ISEM
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LEEM Seminar

Nobuyuki Hanaki  (UCA,GREDEG)

(joint work with Zakaria Babutsidze and Adam Zylbersztejn)

Abstract: We experimentally study the effect of the mode of communication on the emergence of swift trust in a principal-agent relationship. We consider four modes of communication: plain text, audio, video, and face-to-face. Communication is pre-play, one-way, and unrestricted, but its content is homogenized across treatments. Both audio and video messages have a positive (and similar) effect on trust compared to plain text. Making communication direct does not further foster trust. We also find that providing visual cues about the sender promotes trust and helps overcome gender favoritism in females. Finally, we confirm that promise-making is a reliable predictor of trustworthiness which is also well recognized in each communication condition. Pro-social (distributive) preferences, in turn, predict promise-making. This suggests that not only promises may affect behavior (as argued by several behavioral theories), but may also serve to signal preferences.