Friday Meeting - Imen Bouhlel (GREDEG)

"Sharing is not Erring: How Environments Can Encourage Pseudo-reciprocity in Collective Human Search"
Quand ? Le 31-03-2017,
de 10:00 à 12:00
Où ? ISEM - Salle SCI
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SCI ISEM – 10:00-12:00

Imen Bouhlel and Charley M. Wu


Title: Sharing is not erring: How environments can encourage pseudo-reciprocity in collective human search

Abstract: Information sharing in competitive environments may seem counterintuitive, yet is widely observed in both human and animal behavior. What drives this behavior and in which environments is it advantageous for both the individual and group welfare? Successfully navigating the exploration and exploitation dilemma in a collective search context depends on understanding the demands of the environment (Barkoczi, Analytis & Wu, 2016). The successfulness of a search strategy can be altered by changing one of many aspects of the task environment, such as the complexity of problem space (Mason & al., 2008), the connectivity of the communication network (Barkoczi & Galesic, 2016; Lazer & Friedman, 2007;  Mason & al., 2008; Mason & Watts, 2012; Goldstone & al., 2013), the type of social information being communicated (Wisdom & Goldstone, 2013), and the learning strategies of each individual agent (Barkoczi & Galesic, 2016). However, in real world situations, the spread of information depends not only of these factors, but also on the explicit decision to either share or withhold information. We examine how different task environments influence human decision makers in how freely they share information, and how this relates to different demands from the exploration-exploitation trade-off.