Séminaire interne GREDEG - Gérard Mondello / Adel Ben Youssef

Séminaire interne deux papiers
Quand ? Le 03-12-2015,
de 14:00 à 15:30
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Séminaire interne GREDEG


Jeudi 3 décembre 2015


Gérard Mondello

Civil Liability, Knight's Uncertainty, and Non-Dictotorial Regulator

Résumé : This paper reviews the foundations of the unilateral standard accident model under Knightian uncertainty. It extends the Teitelbaum (2007)’s seminal article (who introduces radical uncertainty) by expanding it from producers to victims and from the probability distribution of accidents to the scale of damage. Mainly, it also considers a regulator who aggregates the agents’ preferences (Neghisi (1960) type). Under the condition that the troublemakers’ resources are sufficient to cover the damage, the article shows that uncertainty does not preclude, first, the determination of a socially optimal level of care, and second, whatever the civil liability regime (strict liability or negligence) it shows that they determine the same level of socially first-best care. The solution is inefficient only when the polluter’s wealth is insufficient to repair the victim’s losses.


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Adel Ben Youssef

Just Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Children's Education: Comparative Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam

Résumé : We investigate whether there are disparities by race and ethnicity in children’s education in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. We find that children of small ethnic groups have lower educational attainment and cognitive ability in all the four countries, especially in Vietnam. The gap in educational attainment and cognitive ability between ethnic children is larger than the gap in school enrolment, and this gap tends to be wider for older children. Using the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition, we find that the main contribution to the gap in education between children of small ethnic groups and children of large ethnic groups in India, Peru and Vietnam is the difference in endowments (i.e., characteristics of children and their families) instead of the difference in coefficients of the endowments. However, in Ethiopia, the difference in coefficients contributes larger to the gap in education than the difference in endowments. Child health, parental education, household expenditure and urban dummy are important variables in explaining the gap in education between small ethnic group children and large ethnic group children.