Séminaire GREDEG - Giuseppe Attanasi (Université de Strasbourg)

"Disclosure of Belief-Dependent Preferences in a Trust Game"
Quand ? Le 22-10-2015,
de 14:00 à 15:30
Où ? Salle Picasso
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Giuseppe Attanasi

(Université de Strasbourg)


Jeudi 22 octobre 2015


Résumé : Experimental evidence suggests that agents in social dilemmas have belief-dependent, other-regarding preferences. But in experimental games such preferences cannot be common knowledge, because subjects play with anonymous co-players. We address this issue theoretically and experimentally in the context of a trust game, assuming that the trustee's choice may be affected by a combination of guilt aversion and intention-based reciprocity. We recover trustees belief-dependent preferences from their answers to a structured questionnaire. In the main treatment, the answers are disclosed and made common knowledge within each matched pair. Our main auxiliary assumption is that such disclosure approximately implements a psychological game with complete information. To organize the data, we classify subjects according to their elicited preferences, and compare predictions for the complete-information model (main treatment) with robust qualitative predictions for the incomplete-information model (control).


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