Séminaire KTO-GREDEG-OFCE - Thomas Roulet (King's College)


"The Power of Being Divisive: Understanding Negative Social Evaluations"

17-05-2018 - 10h00 à 15h00 - GREDEG - Salle Picasso

  • 10am-11am : Introducing M@n@gement.

Thomas Roulet will introduce M@n@gement and provide his advice to prepare your article and get published in it.


  • 11am-12am :

office hour: one to one discussion with Thomas Roulet about your research projects and articles you would like to submit to M@n@gement.


  • 2pm-3pm : RESEARCH SEMINAR - The Power of Being Divisive: Understanding Negative Social Evaluations. 

In this seminar, Thomas Roulet will present an ongoing project: a book on negative social evaluations he is currently writing for Stanford University Press (publication planned for 2020).

In this book, he will review and articulate the growing body of research on negative social evaluations (stigma, disapproval, illegitimacy), associated processes (scandal, misconduct) and focus in particular on the positive outcomes of such negative social evaluations. He will also explain how his own stream of work fits into that literature. 

This project was shortlisted for the Financial Times & McKinsey Bracken Bower award in 2015. He will also seize the opportunity to briefly present the process of writing an academic book (pros and cons) and getting a contract from a university press.

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