LEEM Seminar - Dorian Jullien (UCA,GREDEG)


"Replication in Experimental Economics: A Historical and Quantitative Approach Focused on Public Good Game Experiments"

14-11-2018 - 12h00 à 14h00 - Salle SCI - ISEM

LEEM Seminar

Dorian Jullien  (UCA,GREDEG)

(Co-écrit avec Nicolas Vallois)

Abstract: We propose a historical perspective on replication in experimental economics focused on public good games. Our intended contribution is twofold: in terms of method and in terms of object. Methodologically, we blend traditional qualitative history of economics with a less traditional quantitative approach using basic econometric tools to detect unnoticed historical patterns of replication. In terms of our object, we highlight a type of replication that we call "baseline replication", which is not present in explicit methodological discussions, yet central in the specificity of experimental economics regarding replication in economics.

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