Séminaire GREDEG - Ksenia Onufrey (Linköping University)

"Second Wind for Exploitation: Pursuing High Degrees of Product and Process Innovativeness in Mature Industries"
Quand ? Le 13-10-2016,
de 10:30 à 12:00
Où ? Salle Klee
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Ksenia Onufrey (Linköping University)


Résumé : This paper investigates how an exploitation-oriented innovation logic can enable innovations characterised by a high degree of newness. The paper is based on an embedded case study of 11 innovation initiatives in the Swedish pulp and paper industry and uses a multi-dimensional framework that takes into account, on the one hand, product and process innovation dimensions, and on the other hand, multiple stages in the value chain. The results show that the studied initiatives are characterised by new-to-the-companies/industry products and processes in primary and final steps in the value chain. It is also demonstrated that such high innovation levels are a result of exploitation innovation logic, as unchanged or modified dimensions of the initiatives enable and facilitate the development of the corresponding new ones. Therefore, it can be concluded that mature industries hold considerable innovation potential and that exploitation strategies can lead to more than incremental innovation outcomes.


(en coll. avec Anna Bergek)