Séminaire GREDEG - Martha S. Feldman (University of California, Irvine)

The Foundations of Routine Dynamics
Quand ? Le 18-09-2019,
de 14:00 à 15:30
Où ? Amphi Turgo - GREDEG
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Title: The Foundations of Routine Dynamics 

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Abstract: Twenty years ago, routine dynamics was an oxymoron. Routines were largely conceptualized as stable and change in routines was conceptualized as the opposite of stability.  But the study of routines has changed. A recent reviewer of the proposal for a handbook of routine dynamics stated that:

The routine dynamics approach has fundamentally reshaped the conversation about routines in the management literature. The subsequent two decades have seen the growth of a very lively international scholarly community focused on routine dynamics. … I consider it one of the most vibrant areas of contemporary organizational scholarship (anonymous reviewer, 2019).

How did this happen?  In this talk, I suggest that the emergence of routine dynamics entailed both a methodological change and a theoretical change.  The methodological change was an increase in ethnographic field studies of people enacting routines.  The theoretical change was the use of practice theory as a way to analyze the data from these field studies.  I discuss how these two changes provided the foundation not only for a new way of understanding routines but also for an expansive scholarly community that continues to address new questions and engage new ways of thinking about routines.