Séminaire "Economie et droit des algorithmes" - Nicolas Petit (Université de Liège)

"Technology Giants, the Moligopoly Hypothesis and Conglomerate Competition: A Primer"
Quand ? Le 17-10-2016,
de 14:00 à 15:30
Où ? Trotabas, villa Passiflore
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Nicolas Petit

(Université de Liège)


Lundi 17 octobre 2016 


Abstract: This paper shows that the technology giants that antitrust agencies tend to characterize as entrenched monopolists can also be seen as firms engaged in a process of vibrant oligopolistic competition. Those firms - we refer to them as "moligopolists" - compete against the non-consumption in search of new and low-end market footholds. The failure of the antitrust structure to see that rivalry – its intensity may vary from one company to another – originates both in mainstream economics and applied competition theory. We believe those defects can be cured with a rechanneling of antitrust policy towards certain types of restraints, in certain types of market settings.


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