Séminaire GREDEG - Zahra Zamani (University of Isfahan, Iran)

Analyzing Science and Technology Indicators for Enhancing Economic Cooperation among the ECO Countries
Quand ? Le 17-10-2019,
de 14:00 à 15:30
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Zahra Zamani (University of Isfahan, Iran)

Title: “Analyzing Science and Technology Indicators for Enhancing Economic Cooperation among the ECO Countries”

Abstract: An overview on the trends of major economic indicators including trade, foreign investment and labor movement allows us to analyze the main reasons of the present situation among the selected ECO members. This provides us indeed with a logical support to focus on the fact that scientific and technical cooperation can be realized through endorsing economic cooperation, which is an effective mean for deepening cooperation in the region. Therefore, the objective of this study is to prepare a background document in order to facilitate the discussion on using Science and Technology (S&T), to reach a concrete economic cooperation among the selected ECO members, based on the availability of data.

In order to promote intra-trade and intra-investment, for instance, it is necessary to develop proper networking and increased connectivity among the economic agents in the ECO member countries. For this, a stocktaking of the status of trade and investment reforms, capacities and potentials as well as a review of the existing facilities, initiatives and efforts already under way at national, regional and international levels would be necessary. Furthermore, the availability of the relevant data on trade and investment opportunities, market analyses, business practices and other economic data as well as infrastructure facilities, production capacities and S&T indicators (such as Charges for the use of intellectual properties, research and development expenditure, Patent applications, etc.) should be analyzed to demonstrate the prospects of broader economic connectivity in the region.

Key Words: Regional Economic Cooperation, Science and Technology, Economic Indicators, ECO, Gravity Trade Model