Séminaire KTO-GREDEG-OFCE - Zide Meng (INRIA)

"Temporal and Semantic Analysis of Richly Typed Social Networks from User-generated-content Sites on the Web"
Quand ? Le 08-09-2016,
de 14:00 à 15:30
Où ? Salle Picasso
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Zide Meng

(INRIA Sophia Antipolis)


Jeudi 8 septembre 2016

Séminaire joint KTO-GREDEG-OFCE


Abstract: Users in question-answer sites generate huge amounts of high quality and highly reusable information. This information can be categorized by topics but since users’ interests change with time, it’s important to uncover the temporal patterns and trends in their activity to detect their current expertize. These temporal variations remained unexplored in question-answer sites while detecting them enables us to improve tasks such as: question routing, expert recommending and community life-cycle management. In this paper, we proposed a generative model of such a community and its dynamics, and we performed experiments with real-world data to con- firm the effectiveness of our joint model, studying the users’ behaviors and topics dynamics on a dataset extracted from the popular question-answer site StackOverflow

(with Fabien Gandon & Catherine Faron Zucker)

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