1st Workshop "Complex Evolving System Approach in Economics"

Vendredi 22 janvier 2016
Quand ? Le 22-01-2016,
de 14:00 à 18:00
Où ? SKEMA Business School Room 347
S'adresser à Nobuyuki Hanaki and Mauro Napoletano
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1st Workshop on Complex Evolving System Approach in Economics

SKEMA Business School Room 347
January 22, 2016


14:00-15:00- “Statistical equilibrium in firms’ profit rate distribution
Simone Alfarano, University of Castellòn “Jaume I”

15:00-15:15- Coffee Break

15:15-16:00- “High-Frequency Trading and the Emergence of Flash Crashes: Some Regulatory Policy Experiments
Sandrine Jacob Leal, ICN Business School, Nancy

16:00-16:15- Coffee Break

16:15-17:00- “Diffusion of information in Over The Counter markets: an ABM model with bargaining on networks
Vivien Lespagnol, GREQAM, Aix-Marseille

17:00-17:15- Concluding Remarks