Friday Meetings - Imen Bouhlel, Agnès Festré et Eric Guerci (GREDEG)

"Individual Search Task"
Quand ? Le 29-04-2016,
de 10:00 à 12:00
Où ? Salle EB15 (Bâtiment IAE, SJA2)
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Imen Bouhlel, Agnès Festré et Eric Guerci

(University Nice Sophia Antipolis and GREDEG)

"Individual Search Task"

Abstract – The purpose of our paper is to investigate how consumers make choices in the context of an individual search task (e.g., searching for a restaurant in a city). The search task relates to the consumption of an experience good that is, by definition, characterized by uncertainty as regards its quality. The nature of the search task is highly affected by the characteristics of the experience good. Some experience goods imply a varying number of trials – searching for a restaurant to have dinner as a tourist would usually imply only one trial whereas searching for a place to eat regularly at lunch time usually implies several trials. Nowadays it is true that consumers exploit more and more user-generated information that is shared on social media to make more informed and efficient decisions. The goal of this research is to give some predictions as to the behavior of the individuals in the context of a search task and to validate an analytical model that has been developed in parallel by the authors.

29 avril 2016 –Salle EB15 (Bâtiment IAE, SJA2) – FRIDAY MEETING – 10:00-12:00