Séminaire KTO-GREDEG-OFCE - Jens Horbach (Augsburg University)

"The role of innovation and agglomeration for employment growth in the environmental sector"
Quand ? Le 10-12-2015,
de 14:00 à 15:30
Où ? Salle Picasso
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Jens Horbach

(University of Applied Sciences Augsburg)


Séminaire joint KTO-GREDEG-OFCE


Jeudi 10 décembre 2015 


Résumé : The environmental sector is supposed to yield a dual benefit: its goods and services are in-tended to tackle environmental challenges and its establishments should create new jobs. However, it is still unclear in empirical terms whether that really is the case. This paper inves-tigates whether employment growth in establishments with green products and services is higher compared to other establishments. Furthermore, the main factors determining labor demand in this field are analyzed. We use linked employment and regional data for Germany. The descriptive results show that the environmental sector is characterized by disproportion-ately high employment growth. The application of both a generalized linear mixed model and an instrumental variables regression reveals that especially innovation and industry agglomer-ation foster employment growth in establishments in the environmental sector. Establishments without green products and services show a smaller increase in employment, even if they are also innovative.


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