Complexity and Dynamics of Interactions, Networks and Markets

Keywords : Modelling social interactions - Experimental method - Analysis of the emergence of new coordination mechanisms (smart contracts, digital plateforms…)

Project leaders: Agnès Festré et Giuseppe Attanasi

The project « Complexity, social interactions dynamics, Networks and Markets (CoDIReM) is a multidisciplinary project (including interdisciplinary work) involving economics, law, management and sociology. It focuses on the study of  thecomplex involved in social interactions that take place within networks, communities, organizations, as well as within new markets. It seeks to articulate different scales of analysis, usually approached separetely such asindividual behaviours and decisions, socio-technical technologies and devices, rules and institutions, in a unified framework.

It focuses on three main subject fields or topics : the digital society and its manyfold transformations, environmental change and finance. Besides, the project is characterized by methodological pluralism encompassing a set of theoretical and/or methodological approaches including behavioural economics, experimental economics, multi-agent modelling, network analysis, game theory, institutional analysis and qualitative analysis, and the so-called substantial approach to economic law (approche substantielle du droit économique).


Project members

Permanent members: Lise Arena, Richard Arena, Giuseppe Attanasi, Zakaria Babutsidze, Christophe Charlier, Michela Chessa, Ali Douai, Isabelle Doussan, Agnès Festré, Gérald Gaglio, Eric Guerci, Olivier Hueber, , Guilhem Lecouteux, , Nathalie Oriol, Alain Raybaut, Sylvie Rochhia, Alexandra Rufini, Pascale Steichen, Dominique Torre, Sarah Vanuxem, Paolo Zeppini.

Associate members: Mercedes Jimenez Garcia, Christine Lafeuille, Malgorzata Ogonowska, Qing Xu.

Doctoral and post-doctoral fellows: Marta Ballatore, Imen Bouhlel, Barbara Buljat, Mohamed Boukra, Adrian Calmettes, Maxime David-Perodaud, Linda Denoyelle, Kanga Ekra, Ouamayma El Hajami, Eland Guerrier, François Guiglion, Almabrok Iddib, Ana Maria Ilcheva, Vivien Lespagnol, Yazbzck Keszi, Emil Mirzayev, Lucrezia Mothere, Ismaël Rafaï, Sandra Russo, Sothearath Seang, Mira Toumi, Dorian Vincileoni.

Visiting doctoral students: Carlo Ciucani (LUISS, Rome, Italie) ; Sara Gil Gallen (U. de Bari, Italie), Federico Fontechi (U. de L’Aquila, Italie).

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