Eco-Innovation System and Learning


Project leaders:  Amel Attour and Nathalie Lazaric


The ESIA (Eco-Innovation System and Learning) Structuring Project team brings together researchers in Economics, Management and Sociology working on issues related to the dynamics of learning and innovation. Innovation is approached from a twofold perspective: the first grasps innovation as a result and analyses the factors that influence it; the second focuses on the innovation process and studies the organizational dynamics that underpin and drive it. The work carried out combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The ESIA team's work is structured around three main themes:

Digital learning, coordination and technologies: the research aims to study the learning dynamics and renewed modes of coordination related to the introduction of digital technologies in industrial processes, management processes, and within civil society.

Innovation ecosystems, creativity and entrepreneurship: the work focuses on the emergence and development of innovation ecosystems from the point of view of knowledge transfer and creation, intellectual property rights and the management of collaborative innovation projects. Particular attention is paid to the issues of knowledge integration, which is key to creativity and innovation, and to the entrepreneurial dimension necessary for the implementation of collaborative innovation projects.

Social and solidarity innovation: social justice and public health issues are an integral part of the theme of ecological innovations as advocated in the Bruntland report (1987). The theme of inequality and well-being is here a fully considered issue in the reading of ecological innovations. The research focuses on the notions of "capability" in the sense of A. Sen (2010) and "common".


Project members:

Permanent members: Amitabh Anand, Lise Arena, Amel Attour, Artaza Abaroa Felipe, Cécile Ayerbe, Damien Bazin, Adel Ben Youssef, Manuel Boutet, Francesco Castellaneta, Philippe Chéreau, Bruno Cirillo (50%), Rani Dang, Ludovic Dibiaggio (50%), Arnaud Gautier, Samy Guesmi, Renata Kaminska, Nathalie Lazaric, Edward Lorenz, Aura Parmentier, Ivan Pastorelli, Evelyne Rouby, Catherine Thomas, Béatrice Toustou, Eve Saint-Germes, Isabelle Walsh, Diego Zunino.

Associate members: Francis Bidault, Séverine Borderon, Dorota Leszczynska.

Doctoral and post-doctoral fellowsNadyah Abdel Salam Sarhan, Alexandre Azoulay, Sirine Barbouchi, Sarah Bassite, Kawtar Belahmira, Saveria Cécchi, Thomas Côte, Svetlana Klessova, Natalia Krasnopevtseva, Alizée Lacosta, Elise Milano-Mayan, Amir Mousavi, Oksana Polova, Nicolas Rougiers, Sothearath Seang, Ahmed Taktak, Valentina Teslenko, Tan Tran Thaï, Monica Wiecek, Aruziak Zakaryan.

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