Heterogeneity, Competitiveness and Growth


Project leaders: Olivier Bruno and Lionel Nesta  

The research work carried out within the Heterogeneity, Competitiveness and Growth project, focuses on the microeconomic foundations of national or territorial competitiveness. More specifically, we seek to identify the factors that determine the competitiveness of a country (or territory) in the presence of heterogeneous agents, market imperfections and specific institutional arrangements. We also study how cyclical and structural macroeconomic shocks modify aggregate well-being through their differentiated effects on heterogeneous firms and households. The research methodology combines the use of theoretical models with heterogeneous agents and the implementation of empirical investigations from databases of microeconomic panels (companies and households). We are also developing different indices of productivity, competitiveness and well-being that take into account micro-economic heterogeneity.

Main research topics:
·         Productivity dynamics and innovation policies
·         Financing innovation
·         Barriers to firm growth and to firm internationalization
·         Networks, organizational change and international trade
·         Financial Globalization and crisis propagation mechanisms
·         Firm heterogeneity, wage inequalities, and inclusive growth


Project members

Permanent members: Jean-Pierre Allegret, Flora Bellone, Olivier Bruno (50%), Francesco Castellaneta (50%), Muriel Dal-Pont (20%), Ludovic Dibiaggio (50%), Jean-Luc Gaffard, Maurizio Iacopetta, Thomas Jobert, Charlie Joyez, Catherine Laffineur, Benjamin Montmartin, Patrick Musso, Lionel Nesta, Sophie Pommet, Anna Tykhonenko.

Doctoral and post-doctoral fellows:Alberto Corsini (50%), Claudio Barbieri, Martin Cimiterra (50%), Ecem Delicik, Johanna Deperi, Luca Fontanelli, Mattia Guérini (Marie Curie Post Doc Fellowship), Lisa Menez, Arnaud Persanda, Marie Sciaccitano (50%), Alessandro Pietropaoli, Tran Thai Tan (50%), Ghahhar Zavosh (50%).

Associate Members: Valerie Berenger (Univ Toulon), Raphael Chiappini (Univ Bordeaux), Mauro Napoletano (OFCE).


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