Séminaire Interne GREDEG - "Débattre de nos a priori !"

"Debate our preconceptions!" (in law, economics, management, sociology) This first internal seminar will take place on 6 February (14h-16h) in the Picasso room and during this opening session, an open reflection on the question of methods will be put forward for discussion.
Quand ? Le 06-02-2020,
de 14:00 à 16:00
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Presentation of the seminar: Law, economics, management and sociology are based on disciplinary constructions that are essentially their own. Considered in their generalities, these constructions are applied to objects of all material, spatial and temporal dimensions. As an economist, manager, lawyer or sociologist, we have a certain a priori representation of the objects to which we apply our constructions. These a priori can be made up of concepts, paradigms, assumptions, commonplace, bias, unspoken words, perceptions, understandings. They may have close links with our disciplines or be totally foreign. Contrary to the Kantian reading of the a priori, they do not necessarily have a transcendental value.

What generally characterizes these a priori is their weak or unintentional character (except in historical works specially dedicated to the evolution of thought). Since we consider them as an antecedent to our constructions, where the implicit part is large, it is difficult to reveal - in real time - the contents of these black boxes and other backyards. And while we sometimes carry out this type of analysis, it is rare that we place it in a multidisciplinary perspective.

It is the ambition of this seminar to counter this double state of affairs.

For the opening session, a free reflection on the question of methods is discussed.

Speaker : Jean-Sylvestre Bergé (lawyer)

Discussants : Jean-Pierre Allégret (economist) - Anthony Hussenot (manager)