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Docteur en Sciences Economiques de l’Université Nice Sophia Antipolis Titre de la thèse : "Trois essais sur l’Investissement Direct à l’Étranger et le commerce international : analyses empiriques sectorielles et micro-économiques pour les pays en voie de développement"




Titre de la thèse : "Trois Essais sur l’Investissement Direct à l’Étranger (IDE) et le Commerce International : Analyses Empiriques Sectorielles et Micro-Économiques pour les Pays en Voie de Développement" (ss. la dir. de Flora BELLONE et Thuy Anh TU)



This thesis investigates the role of FDI in developing economies. Chapter 1 examines the interaction between FDI and ODA. Our aggregated results reveal that the substitutable effect of ODA on FDI overbalances its complementary effect. Disaggregated results show that ODA in complementary inputs complements FDI in physical capital while ODA in physical capital substitutes its counterpart FDI. Moreover, FDI in complementary inputs behaves like its counterpart ODA. Chapter 2 checks the difference in performance between foreign and domestic firms. We find that foreign firms are more productive, less profitable and grow faster than domestic firms. Moreover, they survive better than Vietnamese ones. Additionally, we also indicate that there exist the transfer mispricing and the sunk cost among foreign firms in Vietnam. In chapter 3, we investigate the firms’ export behaviour. We find that the distribution of export intensities in Vietnam displays a U-shaped pattern like the one found for countries strongly engaged in GVCs. By examining the export premia, we indicate that processing exporters are less productive and pay lower wages than non-processing exporters and even than non-exporters. This pattern is more obvious among foreign firms and firms in the non-tariff zone. To conclude, even if FDI represents an important source of growth for developing countries, more disaggregated analyses are still needed to better understand their effects on an economy. 


Keywords: ODA, FDI, foreign ownership, performance, firms' export behaviour, GVC, developing countries, Vietnam.


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